Stop Worrying About Floor Cleaning With This Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yes you guessed it its the ultimate robot vacuum cleaner the Roborock S7

So far this has been one of my best investments, i have been running this robot for a year now, about 3 to 4 times a week each time doing both vacuum as a first cycle to the whole house, after that i do a deep clean mopping on 3 stages different sections of the house with different mops and i just love this thing , vacuuming the house (around 70sqm) takes around 50 minutes with 80% left on the battery on high vacuum settings, from one year ago till now i have never seen a single hair get stuck on the silicone brush which i am very glad about as cleaning my old vacuum cleaner from hair was a nightmare.

Renting an apartment in the UAE doesn't really leave you any choice with tiles these things just loves to make streaks, shadows and artifacts even on a normal manual scrub and mop with detergents and tile polish and vinegar nothing works the tiles just look dirtier after cleaning them due to the streaks, what i like about this robot is the symmetrical passes it makes either vertically or horizontally the lines are just amazing it makes the streaks look as if it was a pattern in the tiles when reflecting in the light and at the same time it really does the job well that i have not used my mop stick since i bought this thing.

the app is just flawless very user friendly simple to setup, the robot would draw your whole house , you can split the rooms as you wish you can add fake walls, no go zones , fake carpet zones , no mopping zones whatever you can think off is available in the app and its a one time setup after that its just as simple as pressing two buttons, it even includes features to clean a tiny spot or to manually move the robot around or tell it to move to an area if you are feeling lazy and just want things to come to u.

i even use it to surprise my wife with some love sticky notes or gifts to the other room 🙂

For any queries or questions don't hesitate to contact us on chat or email 🙂

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if you want to save on accessories here are some cheap replica spare parts that fits this model

  • Simple app very easy to use
  • Hair will never get stuck on this silicone brush
  • Suction is superb
  • Mopping pattern is pretty good when switched to deep mopping
  • Mop lifts automatically when moving across carpet
  • Vacuum is increased when a carpet is detected
  • Mops 70 Sqm in 50 minutes
  • Spare parts are available on amazon
  • Long battery life more then enough to do both vacuum and mopping
  • My wife retired the old mop and just loves this thing 🙂
  • Small dust bin, requires emptying every 2 or 3 vacuum cycles if not equipped with the auto empty docking station
  • sometimes it cannot reach the 90 degree corners

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