Do You Want Clean Soft Shower Water?

Living in the UAE in certain area's , you will counter hard water, Sandy Water, rusty water, smelly water, Chlorine water...etc

what this does is it will affect your body and skin, from drying skin to fallen hair to allergic reactions nothing serious but mostly really annoying symptoms, and it is mostly caused by bad filtering form the water supply.

The good thing is that you can still fix this issue with a simple water filter that you can install on your tap water or shower water.

For me i use Philips water filter on the shower, before I used to hand sandy/chlorine/and a bit rusty water with a metallic smell but since i have used the filter these things disappeared.

I change my filter cartridge every 6 month and when i do i always check if it is still working or protecting me by flipping the cartridge upside down and tapping it in the sink and it is always a surprise when i see the color and smell and particles that would come out of it.

I am really glad i got this filter and it actually does the job well and if you wish to know more about it don't hesitate to contact us on chat or email 🙂

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  • Does the job well
  • cartridge replacements available
  • Seller has a discount when buying multiple items
  • the filter swivels left and right so that the hose stay free
  • None 🙂

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