Do You Love Watching Movies On A Big Screen?

If You are like me and you love watching cinema movies or enjoy big screen movies, then i got the solution for you, the main important thing is that you forget about your TV and start investing in a projector.

Home projectors can reach up to 300 Inch in screen size if you have the proper setup.

In my case i use the Epson EH-TW5700, my setup is a 4 x 7 meter room, the projector is projecting at a 4 meters distance, with the help of the zoom lens the projected screen is 200inch ! now if you think about it, getting an LED TV at the same price point would get you a 50inch TV.

That's why i do not use the TV anymore i save money enjoy a bigger screen and have all the normal apps available at any time on the big screen

i can project my phone on it, i can use the built in android stick, i can connect an external HDMI device or even connect my TV subscription from DU to it.

Get it from Amazon :

  • Huge Full HD 1080P Screen
  • Built in speaker
  • Can connect to Bluetooth speaker or AUX or Line in
  • Built in removable Android TV
  • Long life lamp
  • Bright vivid colors
  • Not expensive compared to a TV
  • Half the price of a Laser projector
  • Fan is a bit noisy if using full brightness but won't hear it when the movie is running
  • it's a bit big and bulky if you have a tight area to place it

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