Are You Ready For Some Cleaning Pressure?

Thanks to the Bosch Easyaquatak 110 High Pressure Washer now you can easily clean your gardens fake loan and the moldy walls you always hated with stress relexifying benefits the ease of use of the pressure washer makes it fun to clean with and the tiny small size makes it storable in almost any storage cabinet

The Pressure used by the 110 model is 110 BAR wish is enough to clean almost any surface like glass, cars , laon , chairs , patio , garden shade u name it just blast away and watch that dirt fly off and if the pressure is not enough, the foam nozzle helps u spread that foam and soak the dirty spots before hand to easily flush it out afterwards.

The device is so compact that you can disassemble it and store all its accessories on it and still save space

it comes with a 5 Meter length hose and weighs at around 4Kg which makes it easy to transport and reaches my whole front yard without having to move it

Get it From Amazon :

  • High pressure perfect for cleaning any dirty spots
  • Long hose helps with reachability
  • Very compact design
  • light weight
  • Portable
  • Foam gun included
  • Very affordable compared to others
  • A bit noisy but understandable
  • Only on off button no way to reduce the pressure

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